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Education is a lifelong process. We have education classes for children, youth, and adults. Our membership class is especially useful for those who want to learn more about the Lutheran denomination.

Sunday School & Adult Classes

There is Sunday School for nursery age to adult 9:15 to 10:15 am each Sunday. The Sunday School program at Trinity Lutheran Church provides a variety of activities each Sunday morning that keeps the child interested and engaged while learning important biblical lessons.

Children's classes meet downstairs where children are joined by their teachers in various age group settings.

Adult class is held in Weiblen Hall - adjacent to the narthex upstairs.

Membership Classes

Membership classes are offered twice a year (Spring and Fall) at Trinity Lutheran. The purpose of the course is to give instruction on becoming a member of the Lutheran Church by sharing the Lutheran doctrines and beliefs. We believe membership is first of all in the Church of Jesus Christ, secondly in a particular denomination, and thirdly in a specific congregation.

This course is designed to be practical and make you feel more aware of what it means to live as a Lutheran. Respectful of time constraints, the class is generally offered on a Sunday afternoon, with lunch provided, meeting once for 3 hours. Additional conversation and reading is welcome as desired before choosing membership.

The goal of this course is to give you a background of the Lutheran Church so you may decide if you wish to become a Lutheran. You are in no way obligated to become a member by your attendance in this course. It is our hope that if the Lutheran Church is not the church you choose to become a part of, that you will seek another denomination that meets your needs and beliefs.

We want you to feel welcome at Trinity and use the services offered by the church and its pastors. If there are any questions you may have (or if you are interested in attending the next membership class) feel free to contact the pastor to discuss them.

Catechism retreatCatechism Program

Catechism is a study of Lutheran doctrine for youth at Trinity. Upon completion, they become voting members of the church. Youth in grades 5 through 7 are invited to begin their 2 year journey of learning the faith - and are welcome to start that class when they and their parents think they are ready.

An important part of our calling as a church is to educate people in the Christian faith. In our Lutheran tradition we do that with the goal of having people who were baptized affirm their baptism in the Rite of Confirmation. It is a special day for parents and sponsors who have fulfilled Baptism promises and for a congregation that has provided training.


Vacation Bible School

Vacation Bible School if a fun-filled week (usually in July) of games, songs, worship, and education. Watch for announcements at church or information in the monthly Trumpet newsletter. Volunteers are always needed to make this a week of enjoyment and instruction for our youth.

Online Giving

Electronic Giving

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Ways to Volunteer

There are numerous ways to volunteer and share your time and talents. See the list of current volunteer activities at Trinity.

Volunteer Activities

ELCA Happenings

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